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beweb was contracted to help create a framework for building the next generation of information systems for the timber industry.

The three-month development work on a prototype framework demonstrated the potential for an enterprise-class web-based system with business logic written in a VB.NET layer. The system is based on Microsoft technologies, including the .NET platform and SQL Server 2000.

The prototype demonstrates the use of Web Services through JavaScript for instant server-based validation of information as it is typed into fields in a grid or form on a web page. This thin-client architecture enables all the business logic to be encapsulated in VB.NET business objects. These business objects can be developed quickly and easily, since most of the work is done by the framework.

The framework comprises a data-driven form/grid creator, powerful consumer and field objects, and a carefully architected business object event model. This design will make the process of developing and customising information systems much quicker, easier and more robust.

Client: TimberSmart
Date Developed: 2002
Role: Developer

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