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SiteManagerNow has evolved since 1999 into a full featured agency booking management system for online advertising. Its used to manage online advertising bookings for over 150 websites including many of the top 10 sites in New Zealand and Australia.

Beweb has been involved in its ongoing development since its 2001. Every month we roll out new features or improve existing ones, helping online ad sales teams to better track their ad sales.

- Software As A Service (SaaS) with multi-tenant architecture
- advanced impressions availability calculations handle fixed placements mixed with CPM across multiple overlapping Group Buys
- email tracking of bookings and PDF proposal creation
- integrates with Google Dart for Publishers API
- sophisticated group-based and/or individual user permissions
- security policies set on a per tenant basis
- new tenants are automatically provisioned with configurable subscriptions and payment plans

Client: InterACTION
Date Developed: 2004–current
Role: Developer
Repeat Work: We have been working with InterACTION since 2001 on a number of projects for various clients (including ASB Bank, Gullivers Pacific, Sovereign Insurance, the Internet Bureau).

SiteManagerNow has been the focus for the past 8 years, with ongoing enhancements being rolled out on a monthly basis. The product is now a key line of business application for a number of businesses integrates and it integrates with a wide range of external systems.
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