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Tailored CMS for Auckland's largest residential property management firm, including rental/sale property listings, search and automatic email alerts.

The CMS is based around property listings, and features an intelligent search which is designed so that it can never return "no results".

Crockers Property Spotter automatically emails people who have registered when a new property which matches their requirements is listed on the site. Crockers can preview the listing before publishing it, to ensure that the email alert is sent out only when the listing is complete.

Crockers can view reports detailing statistics such as the average clickthroughs per day each property is receiving, and the number and type of properties people are looking for in each suburb using the property spotter.

The CMS drives not only the website but also the printed brochure and weekly open homes lists.

Client: Special Blend
Date Developed: 2003
Role: CMS Developer

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