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Beweb is a web technology company with a team of ten web developers and project managers in central Auckland, New Zealand with a passion for making technology work for our customers. Since 2000, our focus has been on developing and designing custom web-based technologies that improve business efficiencies, drive sales and increase profitability for our clients. 

Our team will get involved in your business data, develop an extensive understanding of your business processes, and develop solutions that can integrate with third party applications. We specialise in making websites, apps and intranets that look great, while also being easy to use and fit for purpose. 

Speaking Email

iPhone and Android app by beweb

A finalist in the NZ Hi-Tech awards, our Speaking Email app is perfect for busy people to have their email read out to them on the move. It lets you listen to your email inbox anywhere while doing anything. Designed with safety in mind for use while driving, and fully accessible for users with reading or sight problems.Find out more →

Featured Web Development Work

The guys at Beweb interpreted the brief with amazing accuracy, coming up with solutions which I didn’t know I needed but they knew I wouldn’t be able to live without. That summed up the whole experience; they were one-step ahead of my needs throughout the whole project.

Sharon Rogers, PAC.NZ