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Our Team

beweb is a specialist website development company with 10 staff, including developers and project managers. We are an owner operated company; our directors/shareholders are developers themselves and take an active interest in all clients and projects. All of our team's contributions and opinions are valued and we work in a collaborative environment to meet our client's needs.

Mike Nelson
CEO (and Developer)

  • 25 years software development (20 in web development)
  • Extensive experience in website development projects
  • Management of a successful small development company for 15 years
  • Previously at BMC Software (NZ), UBS Warburg (UK), Terabyte Interactive (NZ)
  • Wouldn't leave his computer if it wasn't for his awesome family - and the coffee machine

Jeremy Nicholls
Technical Director (and Developer)
  • 22 years software development (20 in web development)
  • Seasoned practitioner in ASP.NET, web technologies, SQL
  • Previously at Microsoft (Ireland), Terabyte Interactive (NZ), Kinetic Technologies (US)
  • Generously shares his marmite and vogels

To send Jeremy PGP email, here is my public key:

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Callum McDonald
Account Manager (and Developer)

  • 12 years of experience in frontend and backend development
  • After four years as a senior developer at beweb, Callum is now our Account Manager (and Developer). A genuine desire to make technology really work for clients and a determination to provide great customer service make him a natural for the role. 
  • All round technical skills in C#, Javascript, mobile, SQL
  • Previously at the Ministry of Social Development where he worked on large scale Java projects

Jonathan Brake
Senior Developer

  • Multimedia, web design and development since 1999
  • Specialising in animation and design, HTML/CSS, Javascript/jQuery/Flash and ASP.NET, C#
  • Previously at InterACTION, ICE (aka Image Centre)
  • Secret DJ

Trent Stewart
Web Developer

  • 8 years experience programming web and business systems
  • Passionate about JavaScript, SASS and full stack development
  • Previously at BKA Interactive and Chep
  • Developing in Savvy CMS and AngularJS
  • Also loves art and music

Sama Sagar
Web Developer / Designer

  • A natural in both design and development
  • Full stack from Indesign, PhotoShop, HTML, CSS, Javascript, C# to SQL
  • Gradated Bachelor of Science with a Major in Computer Science from The University of Auckland
  • When not painting, reading or gaming, she "secretly" plots for world domination

Zachary Wang
Junior programmer

  • Joined our team as our newest junior programmer.
  • Graduated from the University of Waikato.
  • Aced all his papers during his studies, earning a year scholarship from Waikato in UC Irvine, CA and USA. 
  • As Zach of all trades, he can put his hand to anything.

Ben Watson
Digital Project Manager

  • Joined Beweb in 2016
  • 10 years' experience in journalism and four years' experience in not for profits
  • Photoshop whiz
  • Keen runner and cyclist

Catherine Gunn
Accounts and Administration

  • Joined beweb in 2001, but since 2006 has been very part time. 
  • In the office three days a week keeping the books up to date, and helping out in any way that is needed. 
  • Pre-children had eight years experience in public relations and journalism.
  • Loves holidays, but battles a fear of flying. 

Featured Web Development Work

Website/Project - Design and Development - Beweb Auckland NZ
  • Thumbnail of web development project
  • Thumbnail of web development project
  • Thumbnail of web development project
  • Thumbnail of web development project
Client: LifeLot
Role: Design and Development
LifeLot is a private secure online storage service, or 'safe', to lock away important information about your life, safekeeping it now and into the future. It enables website users to keep important records of any part of their life - including documents such as birth certificates or a will.

There are also sections to upload pictures and videos for family and friends. The site is designed so that in the event that anything was to happen to you, your life could be 'wrapped up' with ease and less stress on loved ones.

If the website user was to die or be in a medical emergency, their pre-defined 'delegates' (the most trusted person in a person's life) will be given secure access to an Advance Care Plan or Will. A LifeLot account is transitioned to an 'unlocked' state by the LifeLot team.

The site - which has two step verification, bank-level SSL certificates and AES 256-bit encryption to store data - was fully designed and developed in house by beweb.

Lifelot staff are able to manage all aspects of the public facing site using beweb Savvy CMS. other than contact information ,data from individual users of the site is hidden from LifeLot staff view, to ensure all information is confidential and secure.